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Intense pulse light/Laser inhibits the production of sebum and kills the bacteria that causes infected spots. You will require more than one session for optimum result. This treatment is also carried out on the back. A consultation will determine what treatment will best suit you.

Acne Full Face (Ages 18 - 35) 100 260x3 500x6
Acne Half Face 80 210x3 400x6
Acne Back 1/2 130 360x3 650x6
Acne Full Back 150 420x3 750x5


Acne Rosacea Ages 35+ from 80

1/4 face / chin / Nose / cheecks or neck front. 80 400x6


Occurs in men and women, it causes blushing, flushing and redness. IPL is used to target blood vessels to reduce or eliminate this condition.


Scaring / Acne Scaring

For those who develop long term scarring, we offer treatments which are effective in improving the appearance of the skin. For keloid scaring and very old scars a series of courses with a prescribed treatment plan will be advised. Fresh scars can be treated with visible results over a short period of time. from 80