Folliculitis Treatment



Folliculitis is when a hair follicle becomes inflamed, and often infected. It can occur on any part of the body where hair grows.


The main causes include:

  • Bacteria or fungal infection
  • Shaving – when a hair gets trapped in re-growth and can turn inwards
  • Friction
  • Obstruction of the normal functioning of the follicle – excessive dirt or grease production
  • Insect bites or stings becoming inflamed or infected

Usually, the signs of folliculitis manifest as itching, swelling, a rash, pustules, and, in more extreme cases, as lesions and a progression across the body due to infection and lack of treatment. However, this treatment will help to alleviate the condition and deliver some solutions. Multiple sessions recommended for visible results.


IPL or Anti-Bacteria Skin Peels.

Upper / Lower face60
Full face90
Small areas on the upper body ( shoulders, chest, arm, etc)120
Large Areas on lower body (groin, buttocks, thighs, etc)160