Facial Treatment

facial treatment


100% natural & organic skincare range for the face and body certified by the COSMEBIO label which only certifies products that are over 95% natural.  Phyt’s ingredients are organic and provide completely pure treatments and a homecare range that delivers amazing results. Phyt’s also offers a nutritional range to coincide with external applications.

Soin Equilibrium(Glow & Freshness) 30min  €45/ 60min €70
Suitable for all skin types, dry, oily, combination and dehydrated; this facial will clear freshen and rebalance the sebum and water content within the skin to leave it rehydrated and balanced.

Yeux Oligo vital(Eye Contour Treatment)  25min  =  from €45                        
Firming, Anti-wrinkle, Anti-dark circle, Anti-puffiness and Radiance.  All you need to refresh those eyes and bring back youthfullness to them

Soin Capyl(Delicate/Sensitive)  60min =   from €80
Designed to tone down redness & sooth the most sensitive skin with ingredients made of Horse Chestnuts, Red Vine and Cantella Asiatica.  Relieves the skin leaving it fresh comfortable and calm.  For fine, dry, or oily skin with the tendency of sensitivity.

Soin Oligo Vital(Radiance,Nourishing & Firming)  60min =  from €80
A cocktail of mineral and plant extracts designed to nourish, remineralize & moisturize dry,  mature skin.  With cinnamon to activate circulation and hazelnut, castor seed oil, wheat germ oil, and its 21 oligo-elements, this facial is a perfect choice to firm and nourish the skin.

Soin Multi-Vital(Luminescence Anti-Aging)  60min =  from €80
An ultimate treatment that allies all the ingredients to suit mature skins lacking in tonicity.  Soin Multi Vita will diminish all signs of fine lines, lifting and firming, moisturizing, and oxygenating.  Designed to leave skin plumped up firmer and glowing.  Perfect for any special occasion or a pamper treat and ideal for all skin types and ages.


Renowned for his excellence in redness therapy, the Murad redness range will calm, soothe and renew highly irritable skin. From €90

Elemis Facials

Elemis  30min  €50
A first step to discovering the Matis range.  Leaves a pure fresh and clear complexion.  Suitable for all skin types.  Great for teenagers.

Eye Contour Lift      20min     from  €35
A facial for the eyes.A peel, massage, and rich mask to firm and lift this delicate eye area.  Fantastic for puffy, dry, or tired eyes.  Leaves the eye area smoother, firmer, and lifted.

Delicate & Sensitive    60min  €80
This Luxury facial soothes and calms the most irritated skin and instantly calms and relieves it.  A combination of active soothing ingredients

Oil Control        60min €80
A cocktail of active ingredients that stimulates sebum reduction to improve the appearance of oily skin.  Contains plants and seaweed extracts to purify the skin.

Total Age Defying Facial  60min €90
Great for all skin types.  Mature skin will benefit more when used in conjunction with the complete home care range. This treatment Tones, Clears, Lifts, and Densifies the skin using especially rich masks and serums that contain soya extract and glycolic properties to leave your skin totally velvety and radiant.

Caviar Facial   60min =    from €90
A totally indulging treatment that regenerates, protects, stimulates collagen growth, protects, and moisturizes. Uses very rich ingredients such as caviar extract, serums, and essential oils to pamper your skin giving a luminous complexion and smoothed face.  It is great for mature thin skin and as a recovery treatment.   

Lightening Facial  60min =   from  €90
This is a fantastic treatment for acne scaring, pigmented skin types, and dull grey skin tone.  With natural soothing green algae extract and natural white mulberry extract along with key vitamins, a brightening  effect is achieved leaving the skin fresh and lively

Power booster facial: 20 mins 40.00

Exotic Moisture Dew: 60 mins 80.00 Hydrating moisture boost to bring back a healthy look to the skin.

Fruit Active Glow: 55 mins 80.00     Powerful conditioning actives to nourish and renew the skin.

Herbal Lavender Repair: 55mins 80.00    Deep cleanse to draw out impurities.  Help to reduce shine, refine pores and treat breakouts.

Oxygen Skin Calm Facial: 55 mins 80.00   Pure soothing heaven for sensitive skin. Helps to rebalance delicate, fragile, sensitive complexions and relieve redness.

S.O.S Purifying Facial: 55 mins 80.00.  A purifying treatment for congested skin. Helps to absorb sebum, calm irritation and rebalance oil-rich pores, leaving a beautiful matt complexion.

Visible Brilliance Facial: 55 mins 85.00 . To combat ageing,stressed and slackened skin. This anit-ageing face and eye treatment instantly firms, rejuvenates and plumps up the skin, helping to smooth, sculpt and restore skin radiance, whilst helping to reduce dark circles.

Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Facial: 1 hr 90.00.  Our anti-wrinkle facial is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin firmness, with the power of its precious mineral Quartz, resulting in a firmer, uplifting, and youthful appearance after just one treatment.