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Fat Erase/Body Sculpt is the next generation of fat reduction procedures that involves overheating and then freezing the fat cells until they die. This results in the breakdown of the fat cells that are then flushed out of the body naturally. This procedure does not cause damage to the surrounding tissues and blood vessels. Treatment works best on areas with Fat bulges. 1-2 treatments are recommended. For continued total fat reduction, 3-4 treatments are recommended. The Body Sculpt treatment session lasts 50 minutes. Fat Erase/Body Sculpt can cost between €350-€550 per small area treated or up to €1,200 for larger areas. The full treatment Price is based on consultation. Following a Fat Erase/ Body Sculpt procedure, you can expect a slimmer silhouette and smaller, less noticeable fat bulges. Discounted offers are available in packages.


An average of 20 to 40% fat loss per treated area is common. It does not work on obesity; rather it’s for spot treatment of areas such as love handles, back fat, bra rolls, and stomach rolls.


Fat Erase/Body Sculpt is a non-invasive fat removal procedure it is the cooling of subcutaneous fat cells, which induces lipolysis, the breaking down of the fat cells, without damaging any of the surrounding tissues or the skin. Fat Erase/Body Sculpt works to reduce fat in specific areas of the body and is most commonly used on the stomach and back.
Once cooled, the fat cells then undergo apoptosis, which is controlled cell death. When apoptosis happens, the fat cell wall breaks down causing lipids (fats) from the cells to be released.

These lipids are transported by your lymphatic drainage system to be processed and eliminated through the body in the same way that fat from your food is eliminated.
Fat Erase/ Body Sculpt is not a permanent solution to fat loss; whilst it can reduce fat cells that are already present, it cannot prevent remaining fat cells from increasing in size so individuals will have to maintain their fat loss either through a combination of diet and exercise or further treatments.

Recovery Time

There is hardly any recovery time or any side effects associated with Fat Erase/Body Sculpt.

Following the procedure, the fat breaks down over a period of two to four months, resulting in fat loss that appears entirely natural.

How long does it last?

Fat Erase/Body Sculpt is not intended for weight loss or as an obesity cure, and it is not a substitute for more invasive and larger fat removal methods such as liposuction.

Changes are noticeable as quickly as three weeks following treatment, but you will experience the most signs of change between one and three months after treatment. Your body is still flushing fat cells and will continue doing so for up to four to six months following treatment.

Additional treatments may be performed two to four months after the initial procedure to achieve greater fat reduction.

Clients are advised to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Long-term results are expected to remain stable.

What are the associated risks?

There aren’t many side effects associated with Fat Erase/Body Sculpt. Because it is non-invasive, there are no open wounds and therefore there is no risk of infection.

However, some patients may experience redness, numbness, soreness, bruising, tingling, swelling, or some discomfort in the treated area – this is simply due to how the tissue is drawn up between the two cooling plates during the procedure.

Any side effects such as those mentioned are temporary and will disappear within a few hours or days.

Post-treatment Care

It is very important that you follow the advice of your practitioner following your treatment.

Post-treatment advice may include:

            The use of painkillers to treat soreness or pain in the treated area is recommended

The use of cold compresses to treat swelling in the treated area, is recommended

As this is not an invasive procedure most patients will be able to go straight back into their normal regime following a Fat Erase/Body Sculpt treatment. Extra care must be taken caring for the treatment area if you experience any pain or soreness in the treated area in the days following the procedure.

Choice of Procedure  Treatment x 1  Treatment x 2

Choice of Procedure 

Treatment x 1 Treatment x 2 Treatment x 3
BODY 250 450 600
Choice of Procedure Treatment x 1  Treatment x 2
Treatment x 3
Treatment x 4
CAVITATION FACE 120 200 300 350
BODY 200 300 400 450

Choice of Procedure 

Treatment x 1  Treatment x 2
Treatment x 3
Treatment x 4
BODY 300 400 500 600

Who should not have Fat Erase/ Body Sculpt treatment?

You will unfortunately not be able to have the treatment if any of the below apply

Not in general good health

Morbidly obese. As the procedure will not give any noticeable results.

  • If you are pregnant
  • Liver Problems
  • Cold urticaria
  • Diabetic
  • Pregnancy
  • Areas of impaired peripheral circulation
  • Raynaud’s disease
  • Scar tissue or extensive skin conditions such as eczema or dermatitis at the area of intended treatment
  • Impaired skin sensation
  • Open or infected wounds
  • Areas of recent bleeding or haemorrhage
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Epilepsy
  • HIV
  • Cardiac Problems. Pacemaker etc.

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