IPL/Laser Vein Removal

IPLLaser Vein Remova

IPL / LASER Technology removes thread and spider veins quickly, effectively and painlessly.

from €90 Spider and Thread Veins. Prices for treatment areas are based on Consultation.

Light is absorbed by the oxyhaemoglobin in the fine blood vessels. The light scatters beneath the skin’s surface and is absorbed in the blood and conducted to the delicate vessel walls. This causes the vessel to collapse or completely coagulate so the thread vein disappears. Treatments are comfortable and Clients see noticeable results after just one treatment and fully successful permanent thread vein removal is achieved remarkably quickly. This includes all skin types up to and including Fitzpatrick level V.


Treatments Offered

Face (full + Neck)
190740 x 4now €700
Nose60200 x 4 
Chin60220 x 4 
Cheeks120420 x 4now €400
Cheeks and Nose150520 x 4 
Cheeks, Nose & Chin170590 x 4now €570
Chest / decollette
150520 x 4 
Legs (small area)80260 x 4 
Legs (patch med)120420 x 4 
Legs (large area)200690 x 4